Wilderness festival – a review

We like festivals. A lot. Call them our addiction – this year we’ve been to too many to count (and will be seeping over how skint we are as a result until winter).

We especially like mixing it up a little bit by visiting, in between our trusted favourite festivals (Glastonbury, Bestival and Secret Garden Party), a new one each year.

This year we decided to check out Wilderness.

9ecb6b2201f911e3a73b22000aa80571_7Organised by the people behind Secret Garden, Wilderness promised amazing food, drink and festivities just outside of Oxford.

The weather was beautiful – absolute perfection – and in between catching Empire Of The Sun (psychedelic amazingness that was the perfect way to kick a festival off), we partied in beautiful summer climes.

wildernessHow pretty is that?! The food and drink was a dream – if a little bit expensive – but we’d rather spend £8 on a gourmet mezze platter than a dodgy burger any day.

wilderness 2It did become apparent quite quickly that the festival was VERY family-friendly – if you don’t like kids, then you might want to hide away during the day. This was a civilised festival, for sure, and ridiculously middle class, too (we got home to a report in The Times about a member of Parliament being present.).

But we wouldn’t have had it any different – Wilderness, with its chilled out music, beautiful surroundings, and awesome food, was a great place to nurse a hangover in the day – and we were always ready to party again by the evenings.

0876425802c811e399ae22000a1f9c95_7The festival really came to life in the evenings – we loved The Valley area – a crazy rave in a forest, curated one evening by The Box night club – and we found ourselves on the last night dancing like mad to Blurred Lines, amongst thousands of others – amazing. The only complaint from us? That everything wound down at 2am – when everyone descended to their tents – we’d have liked things to have carried on until dawn. But you can’t have everything – with weather, surroundings, and atmosphere this lovely, we had no other complaints. And we would gladly return, too.

We’ll be back for more next year – this is the perfect festival if you want to chill out in the daytime and party at night. We loved watching new music and one big headliner – we weren’t dashing from one stage to the other and missing sets – more ambling along – and loving the beautiful surrounding that Cornbury Park has to offer along the way (with a gourmet burger in hand, obvs).

Our verdict: ****

                                                                              Rosie x

Photos:  Jazmin Jackson and Wilderness Official

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