About Us

Anne (left), Rosie (Right)

Anne (left), Rosie (Right)

Formed in the dark underbelly of the Hyde Park House music era of 2009-2010 two young ladies met at Leeds University. A union based on literature, journalism, culture and all night house parties in dingy student basements meant that a firm friendship was born…

        leeds house

Both hailing from South London originally…

Anne is from Wimbledon (famed for tennis despite her loathing of it).

Fellow Womble Jamie T larking about in his Sticks’n’Stones music video

Rosie grew up on the rougher side of the tracks, that is now the hipster metropolis – Peckham.

peckham peace

Peckham Peace Wall after the 2011 London riots

Graduating in 2010 with English Literature degrees and a desire to combine culture with journalism (conveniently during a MASSIVE recession). They hustled to get jobs that they felt were worthwhile and that were not just jobs trained monkeys could do…


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