Rosie cut her teeth as an intern at Cosmopolitan, Red and Tatler magazines in between reading Thomas Hardy (and missing most of her lectures on Civil War Literature in favour of sleeping and going to Back To Basics whilst at uni in Leeds).

rosieHer first job post-university was as Entertainment Assistant at Fabulous magazine at News Of The World. She was there when the newspaper was shut – an experience she’ll never forget. Fabulous magazine was luckily kept open as part of The Sun. Rosie stuck with the entertainment lark (film, music, culture, going out and telly is her bag), before moving over to a sweet job Now magazine, writing about film, music, TV and celebrities. And there she is to this day.

Career highlights include interviewing Mischa Barton and Shaggy, sitting in Simon Cowell’s chair on The X Factor, and going speed dating with Romeo from So Solid Crew.


Loving literature since she was tiny, Anne used to take novels to read when her dad dragged her to Millwall football matches in the freezing cold. At University she and Rosie fell in love with the Fin de siècle period of literature and were in the same tutorial group.

At present Anne is a freelance journalist for The Upcoming, an online magazine publishing thought-provoking critiques on literature, art, fashion, music and theatre. She is also midway through writing her first novel.

Career highlights include interviewing Wu Tang Clan (intimidating but amazing – they were actually sweethearts), playing sport terribly with Michael Owen at the launch of the new BT Studios at the Olympic Park, and being spooked by Immer City’s immersive theatrical séance Wyrd in a haunted underground basement.


In the past she has interned at Lund Humphries – publisher of illustrated Modern British Art books for over 60 years.  She has also worked for a fashion photographer (he-who-shall-not-be-named) on shoots and in his attic office. Other jobs have included working in an uber-posh institution planning social events (parties!) and managing all social media.


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