Bastille impress at Bestival

Over the last year Bastille have exploded into the mainstream, releasing their successful number two single Pompeii and two albums of innovative rehashes of old songs (Other People’s Heartache 1 and 2), selling out all over the country and even hurtling to number one in the charts with their hugely acclaimed album Bad Blood. On Saturday at Bestival they are on the main stage, with thousands of fans enjoying their charming vocals and catchy choruses.

Luckily for Bastille the sun was shining brightly during their set, and while those crammed at the front swayed their arms in admiration, those at the back (and it was way back, due to the number in attendance!) could revel in the glorious moment of summer and upbeat tunes.

Founder and lead vocalist Dan Smith bounded around the stage with boyish enthusiasm and spoke humbly to the crowd, thanking them for the band’s success. Lovers of the cover albums even had the chance to hear Bastille’s version of City High’s What Would You Do?, shrieking with joy as Smith pointed the mike in their direction: “Get up off your feet and stop making tired excuses!”

Bastille played on the costume day of the festival, and unlike many other acts they took a keen interest. Much to everyone’s delight, for the final song Smith introduced some backing dancers – dressed in full-scale crab costumes dancing in synchrony across the stage. A humorous twist to be sure!


Showing the band’s charisma and gratitude, Smith asked for one final moment to remain onstage and capture a photograph of him, surrounded by giant crabs and flanked by thousands of fans. Even with the band’s mid-afternoon billing the turn-out was incredibly impressive, with hits such as Flaws, the beautiful Overjoyed and Things We Lost in the Fire inciting mass singalongs. This is a band that deserve all the recognition they have received and more. Try to see them at some point (if you can get at ticket)!

Our rating: *****

Anne x