“Four Seasons” Fireworks in Brockwell Park

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The clocks have gone back, darkness looms over your shoulder earlier than expected, and Hurricane Jude has just destroyed the entire London transport system (it really does only take ONE puff of wind to render venturing out of bed futile).

Yet there is reason to rejoice because we are all on the good side of Christmas! These are the months where fun stuff happens. The run up before January and February suck out our souls.

Halloween has come and gone (although we were too inebriated to document that fully blogwise) and fireworks night has just exploded in a roar of colour in South East London.

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We moseyed along to Brockwell Park, along with 1000s of other families, friends, wailing children and underaged boozed up youths. Although…we were not far off maturity-wise as we shivered clutching our Strongbows and lamenting the fact we had forgotten to buy sparklers.

We want to say a big thank you to Lambeth council for throwing a stellar (get it?) line up of explosions, lights and generally making it looks like little drops of gold were falling from the heavens.

Plus it was all for free! Admittedly, this meant crowds of epic proportions and a great deal of shoving each other in muddied boots but it was well-worth it for a spot of the old British whimsy.

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These days there is a total lack of raging bonfire – complete with Guy Fawkes’s roasting sack-like body. But being peace-loving Kinder we don’t like to see any effigy being used as kindling! Even if it is a tradition that dates back to the 1605 Gunpowder plot (It is a bit of an odd pastime…)

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Lambeth Council chose to opt for a more modern day twist and the mayor announced the onset of a series of songs documenting the turning of the yearly calendar – the progress from spring to winter through a medley of cheery songs (although we did question the inclusion of Greenday’s Wake me up When September ends. Really?)

But top hits of the night had to be Mr Blue Sky (ELO), Here Comes The Sun (The Beatles), September (Earth, Wind and Fire) and California Dreamin’ (The Mamas and Papas).

Dancing around in mud and praising the lord that there was not any rain (…yet still complaining about poor crowd control) made it the perfect crisp autumnal night out in London. And with Brockwell’s elevated position over the rest of London you could see fireworks shooting off all over the capital.

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Our rating: **** 

Anne x