Luna Cinema presents E.T. at Opera Holland Park

Brockwell-Lido-showingLuna Cinema runs throughout British summertime screening a series of classic movies at a host of scenic locations around London and the South East. Some of the wonderful venues sourced by Luna include Brockwell Lido, Hampton Court and Leeds Castle. On Thursday 8th July, we attended a showing of Steven Spielberg’s mammoth hit E.T – The Extra Terrestrial.

Opera Holland Park has been chosen as the site for this film, standing beautifully in Kensington, surrounded by parkland and some of the most expensive houses in the country: the vista is gorgeous. Opera Holland Park is a semi-indoor, canopied theatre that plays host to a season of opera in the park. With the run having just finished, Luna Cinema has wisely commandeered this beautiful setting for a four-night stint of classic films. The next few nights will include Breakfast at Tiffany’sWest Side Story and an evening of silent films. Luna Cinema will then continue its tour of the South East and open up at its next well-considered destination – Lulworth Castle, Battersea Park, Warwick Castle and many more are on the schedule.

It is fitting that as the sun sets behind the park and the moon rises, the audience at Luna are able to watch that familiar “squashy guy”, E.T, drift across the night sky on a bicycle. Touted as “the best-loved film ever”, a voice welcomes “Ladies and Gentlemen” to the viewing. There is less formality than at your local cinema: people whisper throughout and make frequent visits to the bar as well as the rotisserie kitchen on site, The Cock ‘n’ Bull. It is a relaxed and jovial vibe, with couples aplenty and many arms slung casually around the backs of their respective partners’ seats. For a first date it would be a winner for sure! Families are also in attendance for the child-friendly screening.


As the sky darkens, purple lights illuminate the canopy and the atmosphere of a modern amphitheatre is created. Laughs are drawn from the crowd who will have seen this film time and time again, yet it stands the test of time. Drew Barrymore’s cherubic curls bouncing across the screen draw “awwws” and giggles from adults and children alike. Luna Cinema is a place to recapture your fondest cinematic memories and to create new ones in stunning surroundings.

Our rating: ****

Anne x